A New Journey

Hello, internet.

I’ve been absent from any form of social media for almost three years so all the sudden promotion and social media posts may sound like I’ve gone crazy. Here’s where I explain what the hell is going on and what are my hopes for all these efforts. Yet, before I do, a little introduction about myself to whoever is getting to know me from this post. (Hopefully won’t be scared off after this).


A little about me…

Hi! My name is Samuel Borg and I’m a 20-something-old from the little island of Malta. I hold a science bachelor’s degree in Software Development and currently work as a web developer. Fresh from university life, I’m pursuing a personal development lifestyle whilst freelancing and developing side-projects after work hours. When I’m not working on side-projects, I’m probably watching TV shows, dusting my Pop! figures collection, or out and about taking photos of pretty much anything I find aesthetically pleasing. Things I dislike include short autobiographies, so I’m stopping here.


Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about the scope of this blog and my way forward. To make the blog post more readable for any fellow millennials, excuse me while I go full-on Buzzfeed and list the ‘Top 4 Reasons Why I Started Blogging’.


1. Personal Development and a hint of self-love

If you know me a little bit you may be aware that my self-perception is very negative. Years and years with lack of self-worth led to other issues like my inferiority complex. I know it’s hard to believe when I just put all that almost-narcissistic videos and promotion (but that’s the point!) It has gotten worse to the extent I can never be happy with what I have and achieved simply because it can never be as good as anyone else’s. Due to this, the past couple of years have been quite a rough patch. I need motivation but everything I did was never enough in my own view. But to actually do something I needed motivation, yet I couldn’t because it was never ever enough. You get the idea. It’s a vicious cycle.


After being an avid user, I had quit social media because I was becoming too sensitive to feedback. In my weird perspective though, posting on social media is a method to have a relationship with yourself. You showcase what is going on in your life, by uploading a photo on Instagram of a little butterfly you met this morning. You take a photo with your friends at a bar and share it with them so they can cherish the wonderful memory that night was. It’s also a means to capture these moments (and shower thought Facebook statuses) to become your little time capsules. An archive you can look back to and bring a smile, or reflect how far you’ve come since that time. The harder you cringe, the better. It shows how much you’ve changed since then – hopefully for the better

In a nutshell, excuse my deep philosophy on this topic, posting on social media is a way of celebrating life and development of loving yourself again.

So I’ll probably look back at this blog post and cringe big time. And that’s okay. It would show how far I’ve come. I’ll be keeping this blog to capture special moments in my life and log my journey on personal development including life lessons through daily life.

2. Having my mini tech blog

I live for tech blogs. The Verge, Android Police, Engadget, 9to5Google are all my friends I want to check on for updates wherever I go. It wasn’t just my love for technology that fed to this almost-addiction, but it is also my anticipation to get the latest inside scoop on what the near future holds for the apps we love. My goal so far is to write about the apps I use and how I work. Yet, my hope is to eventually start writing news and tutorials on popular apps and devices from the Maltese’s point of view.

My opinion is that most of the Maltese population isn’t aware of the limitations of available features and services because of the small population. That’s a shame since Malta is quickly becoming on par with most well-developed countries when it comes to technological advancements. Granted, we got Netflix and Spotify services much like most of the world but there is still many features and services we don’t have access to and the Maltese simply aren’t aware of the possibilities. Some efforts are being made, but there’s still much to be done.


3. A base for my future projects

After student life, I moved on to full-time job basis like many others, but, it was finally time to focus on projects I’ve been wanting to do for a while. One of the (many) problems of completing a project is focusing so much on the end result until the progress of it all becomes a chore and too dragging. Until one gives up. My proposed solution? For one, keeping updates on my projects on my blog is ‘promising’ the audience to continue working. And, along the way, celebrating the mini-goals on the blog is not only self-rewarding but also motivating to keep building and improving.


4. It’s fun.

Why would one even do it if it’s not?! ?


Not sure exactly where I’m going. But who is ever exactly sure, eh? As long as one enjoys the ride.

Regardless, hope you will join me on this journey and I promise I’ll do my best to keep you posted.



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